Employee Engagement Companies In India

Employee Engagement Companies In India

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Hence it is no wonder that all enterprises that are serious about their employees are taking great interest in employee engagement.

An optimally engaged workforce is the first step toward a healthy work culture. This positive work culture is bound to reflect positively on your turnover rates too. Employee engagement, though not a tangible variable, can be somewhat quantified.

Clear statistics will help you make strategies to improve your employee engagement. There are many companies in India that can help you with this process.

In this article, we will have a look at some leading employee engagement companies in India.

Top Employee Engagement Companies Based on Reviews and Research

1. OffiNeeds

Year established: 2005

Founder: Srikanth Acharya

Merchandising and corporate gifting is a great way to turn your regular employees into highly engaged super employees. OffiNeeds does just this. With over 17+ years of industry experience, OffiNeeds helps corporates and startups with all their gifting and merchandising needs.

OffiNeeds provides shipping pan India, guaranteed quality assurance, varied customizing options, and more.

With services like New joinee gift sets, gift vouchers, official brand stores, etc, OffiNeeds is all you need to get your employees optimally engaged.

OffiNeeds boasts of a strong work culture, a dedicated team of professionals, and tech-savvy employees that deliver fast, easy, and customized services at your doorsteps.

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2. Vantage Circle

Year established: 2010

Founder: Partha Neog and Anjan Pathak

With locations in the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and India, Vantage Circle is a leading enterprise when it comes to employee engagement and retention. 

Vantage Circle is an organization that gives great importance to inclusivity and diversity. Employee engagement strategies yield results only when employees feel valued and respected for what they do. They operate on the mantra that an inclusive and diverse workplace is what will pave the way for exciting new opportunities for employees.

Vantage Circle also boasts of multiple accolades, clients from 59+ countries, and an esteemed board of advisors. They are firm believers that employees can be engaged with constant recognition and rewards and this can lead to meaningful relationships between employees and employers.

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3. Extramile

Year established: 2013

Founder: Pooja Bajaj Chadha

Extramile is an employee engagement company that provides tailor-made strategies based on your employee lifecycle. Working closely with the HR and communications team, they are one of the leading names in building a sustainable and engaging work culture for your firm.

Their main motto is to provide strategies to improve your work culture and promote a fun, friendly workplace. Extramile also provides custom solutions to stay connected with employees in the remote working environment too.

Often called the Mary Poppins of employee engagement in the industry due to their offbeat and unique digital programs, Extramile is a great option if you are looking to optimize employee engagement.

4. TeamNgage

Founders: Smita Soni and Harsh Soni

Providing more than 150+ unique employee engagement activities focused on a holistic approach to work, teamNgage is definitely a frontrunner in the employee engagement companies in India. teamNgage specializes in programs that urge employees to come to the office with a positive mindset.

They provide highly engaging and interactive programs after research and identifying gaps in employee engagement in a firm. Their holistic program comes under 5 goal-based solutions: Stress buster, collaboration, out-of-box, team building, and mental wellbeing. 

This methodology ensures the overall well-being of the employee, thus directly helping in employee engagement.

5. HealthifyMe (corporate wellness program)

Year established: 2012

Founders: Mathew Cherian, Tushar Vashisht, and Sachin Shenoy

HealthifyMe might be a very familiar name for a lot of you. And you might be wondering what a premium fitness application has to do with employee engagement. 

Apart from boasting an average 17% decrease in medical cost and a 50% increase in physical activity, HealthifyMe has also reported a whopping 59% improvement in employee engagement through their wellness measures.

Let us tell you that HealthifyMe, in addition to its myriad fitness offerings, has a corporate wellness program that works to improve employee engagement.

Their solution to people feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and inactive is to help them physically improve themselves which leads to improved productivity and engagement. 

6. Engage4more

Year established: 2010

Founder: Nishant Parashar

Engage4more has a mission to “unlock and enhance human capital value by creating an engaged working environment”. With the aid of motivational speakers, standup comedians, interactive sessions, and more, Engage4more caters to every corporate work culture there is.

They specialize in building a powerful employer brand for you and creating an engaged working environment. 

Engage4more boasts of serving more than 1500 corporates and a cumulated 1 million + employees in a span of 9 years.

7. Inspirit

Founders: Anirudha Bidkar, Vaibhav Yadhav

Inspirit is an employee engagement company specializing in Team outings, corporate outbound training, and virtual events. Driven with a vision to create a positive work environment and thereby boost productivity, is what makes inspiration stand apart.

They specialize in events with experimental concepts and customized designs to suit your work culture thereby bridging the gaps in your employee engagement. 

Providing you with innovative solutions to align individual employee goals with the goal of the organization, inspirit is the right step to boost your engagement rates.

8. Trebound

Founder: Anchit Singh

Trebound is a Bangalore-based employee engagement company specializing in team-building activities. Their fun, engaging and impactful activities are of paramount importance to building sportsmanship and team building.

The engaging activities designed by Trebound improve teamwork, creativity, leadership, quick thinking, delegation, communication, and more. The team boasts of highly energetic and immersive virtual experiences for all parties involved. 

If you have a young dynamic team and are looking for ways to improve engagement within the group, Trebound is a great option.

9. Edelman India

Year established: 1952

Founder: Daniel Edelman

Edelman is an international enterprise that works in the employee engagement realm. Edelman has reached out to the Indian market owing to the substantial boom in the job market here.

They work in close relations with the HR team and create programs that specifically cater to the firm. Their core values are to strengthen the connection employees have to the company, their peers, and to the outside world. This holistic approach is a great way to look at employee engagement.

Edelman understands and appreciates the value of communication between employees and the management and the world to bridge that gap.

10. SOS Party

SOS Party is one company committed to improving employee engagement through de-stress activities and scientifically proven practices that promote employee participation. It caters to more than 500 organizations worldwide and is a leading company providing valuable services to build engagement within virtual or in-person teams.

Their effort has led to a 31% increase in employee loyalty, greater bonding between teams, and lower levels of burnout.

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Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Here are some of the benefits of employee engagement in your organization.

  • Increased productivity

An optimally engaged employee will have a positive attitude towards their work and their employer which will result in increased productivity.

  • Increased turnover

An employee who is motivated and optimally engaged will be more productive and it will ultimately reflect in the turnover too.

  • Increased employee retention

Engaged employees tend to have long-term loyalty to their companies and employers. This loyalty will come into play while retaining top talent.

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  • Converted employees to brand marketers

An engaged employee will have positive attributes to talk about the company they are working in. An employee who knows the inner workings of a company promoting it will feel more authentic and real to the audience.

  • Increased brand value

Increased employee engagement will reflect positively on all aspects of an enterprise and this will cause an increased brand value in the market.

Final Words

While employee engagement is extremely important for the smooth running of a business, not knowing what to do might do more harm than good. Hence, investing in companies that provide this pacific service is a good idea. The time, effort, and resources you put into optimizing employee engagement will be worth it in the end. 

We hope this article has provided you with some insight into the top companies in India for employee engagement services.

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