Every Powerful Brand, Needs a Merchandise Store

3 Reasons why you need a BrandStore for your Company:

  1. Merchandise is a great tool for Employee Engagement & Brand Building.
  2. With a BrandStore, your employees and dealers can get the same merchandise experience wherever they are.
  3. Managers can give our Gift Vouchers of the BrandStore to their teams for any occasions.

Ready to improve your Company's Swag Quotient?


Fully customized store for your Company Merchandise

Exciting New merchandise and offers every week

Safe and Secure Technology, that meets international Standards

Free Pan-India Delivery (for orders above Rs. 1000)

7 Days, No Questions Asked Return Policy

Controls to ensure only your Employee or Partners can shop

All major credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI & wallets accepted

Customer care over live chat, email and phone

Order Status Updates over Email, SMS & Tracking Pages

Gift Vouchers and Points for activities and promotions

ZERO Inventory model. Means ZERO Liability for you

Most innovative platform for Brand Building and Employee Engagement

Ready to Improve your Company's Swag Quotient?

Talk to us about setting up an Official BrandStore for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for the Official Brandstore is Rs 99999 + GST per annum and it is renewable anually. This cost includes-
– Secure Website with Payment Gateway
– Weekly merchandise updates and offers
– Warehousing, Shipping and Returns handling
– Customer care on Email, Chat and Call

The entire process can be broken down into six stages-
– Building the store – 2-7 days
– Testing & optimisation
– Finalisation of merchandise
– Discussion of terms
– Signing of the contract
– Going live
While the work at our end can be executed in 1-2 weeks, we have observed that it usually takes 30-60 days to go live.

The look and feel of the website can be cusomized as per your brand. The logo, button colours, the custom URL can be customized as per your brand guidelines.

We can deliver to the individual recipients of the products directly to their homes across India and globally

We offer a guarantee on all deliveries made by us and will be sending replacements for any broken or missing products. We have a customer support team which tracks all deliveries proactively to ensure deliveries happen in a smooth manner.

Every business needs branded merchandise to gift their employees, and a custom company store helps you achieve that purpose. Custom online company stores enable you to manage, order and distribute your merchandise online – all from one place. Custom company stores are your one-stop-shop for corporate gifting solutions from company apparel to rewards for employees.

There are two models in BrandStores.
– One is a zero inventory model where we will not be maintaining stock of any products exclusively for your BrandStore. In this model, while you cannot handpick each product for your BrandStore, we will be taking your feedback before adding products
– Other is the Custom Inventory model where you can create some exclusive products specifically for your BrandStore and we will maintain stock of it. These products can be created as per your requirement. They are chargeable additionally.


OffiNeeds helps employees create their own unique merchandise branded with their company logo. With new exciting offers coming in every week, the options are unlimited. You can track your custom orders through email, SMS, and your tracking page. Delivery throughout India is free for orders over Rs. 1000.
You can always reach out to our customer support team via chat, email, and phone. With a hint of personal touch, OffiNeeds is the best Customised store for your organization.


To set up your company store, create a form, select your merchandise, and finalize your designs. Sit back and order as many products as you want from us and have them delivered to your company’s doorstep.

Products will be shipped in 8-12 days and delivered in an additional 2-5 days

We follow utmost precaution in ensuring all the data of your employees are kept safe. All our sites and microsites adhere to global security standards. If required, we would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company

We follow a 5-step Covid-safe packing process-
1. Daily temperature and vitals checks for all staff
1. We ask our staff take off for the day even if they have the mildest of symptoms
2. All staff wash their hands and sanitise their hands every one hour
3. All staff wear a mask, a face shield, use sanitised gloves and maintain social distance while packing items
4. Every packed parcel is sprayed with a 7-day disinfectant shield to avoid contamination during transit
5. We partner only with Courier agencies who also adhere to strict Covid-safety norms


What our clients say

Benefits of Custom Company Brand Store for Employees and Clients

Every great company needs custom-branded merchandise. Brand merchandising is a process gaining popularity in recent times due to the many benefits it provides an enterprise. 

With a branded store your company can give out gifts and vouchers and gifts to clients, employees and more. 

1. Brand building

Custom merchandising is a great way to ensure brand building. A customized item with your company logo embossed will prove to be an efficient way to help brand recognition. Even if the person is not a customer, they will immediately recognise the brand anywhere. This recognition quotient will further help you to turn leads into conversions.

2. Employee engagement

Personalized bulk gifts as part of your office culture will provide your employees with a sense of unity and camaraderie. Making them feel valued and as part of the organization will go a long way to creating employee engagement. This will further reflect in their work morale and overall productivity.

3. Easy gifting

A brand store dedicated to your company ensures you always have a gift or voucher available if needed. To gift your employees on special occasions, you can easily provide them with gift vouchers or gift cards for your branded store.

Even for customers and potential clients, a token of appreciation goes a long way. This is especially handy for people in sales and if you want to give out gifts to clients who achieved their target.

Build Custom Company Store

A Custom Company Store allows brands to create a human connection with their recipients. From gift hampers for corporate clients to merchandise for employees, it is all that a company needs to maintain a special connection with its employees. OffiNeeds provides deals and packages specific to various holidays, which gives clients a chance to be strategic and thoughtful personally when it comes to corporate gifting.

For example, their gift hampers can be customized as per the requirements of clients, be it during Diwali or Christmas, so as to maximize the impact of the gift. This helps companies stand out and form a more personalized relationship with clients. Other customized items can include travel essentials, stationery sets, and bank organizers, among other things. Companies can also hand out OffiNeeds gift vouchers on special occasions.

Why Choose OffiNeeds for Building Company Merchandise Store

OffiNeeds is the most innovative platform for brand building and employee engagement. With thousands of corporate clients to our name, our client satisfaction is proof enough for our work ethic.

We provide a fully customisable brand store for your organization incorporated with technologies of international standards. Safe delivery and no questions asked return policy is a highlight of the OffiNeeds model.

Dedicated customer service team, prompt responses and updates over email, SMS and tracking sites ensure hassle-free shopping and delivery. Your company-branded store can be customized to your needs and we have controls in place to ensure only your employees and partners can shop from the store. 

A zero inventory model, where you owe no liability makes the process even easier.

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