Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employees in 2021 and beyond

30+ Corporate Gift Ideas on a budget [Trending in 2023]

Gifts hold high value, not only in our personal lives but professionally too.

In personal life, gift ideas must come from your heart. But in the professional sphere, the same need not be the case.

The practice of corporate gifting should be well thought of and strategic in nature. One wrong move and your gift could be deemed inappropriate or not useful.

To make your employees feel respected and valued, your choice of gift is very important.

Let us dive into the depth of why that is the case.

Why Gifting Corporate Employees Matters?

Gifting to employees can yield quite positive results. But, how?

- Gifts can strengthen the employer-employee relationship

68%ย (Source: Globenewswire) of the people say that receiving a memorable gift from their employer strengthened their relationship with them. Gifts are capable of forming positive relationships, be it in a personal sphere or professional.

- Gifts make the employees feel valued

Think about it, receiving a good gift from your employer is likely to make you feel like a valuable member of the team. It was claimed that 66%ย (Source: Forbes) of the employees leave a business if they feel underappreciated.

- Gifts may increase job satisfaction

Employee loyalty and job satisfaction may increase in the presence of occasional corporate gifting. Gifts may act as a motivating factor for the employees.

Making your employees feel appreciated is one of the most important workplaces practices to follow.

So, now that we have established that gifting employees is important, let us get down to what to give them as gifts.

Gift Ideas for Employees Working At Home

As of 2023, the work from home culture is anything but new. With WFH becoming the norm, employees working at home can experience a whole new set of challenges.

To keep your employees high in spirits, even from across the screen, the following gift ideas can be of use.

In this guide, you will find 30+ corporate gifting ideas for employees, clients, and workers. Most of all, you can find corporate gifts under 500, 1000, and more.

1. Headphones, Earphones, and Earpods

Gifting a good Headphone or Earphone to your WFH employees is a great idea, especially if the feature of noise cancellation and a microphone comes with it.

Which one should you use if given a choice between headphone, earphone or earpods? While there is no clear answer to this, the general idea is that headphones have a better frequency range than earphones and even a higher pitch range.

Also, earphones and earpods are practically the same, the only difference is the way they sit inside the ear. From this, the idea of going for a headphone seems a fine one.

Price Range – INR 2,000 to INR 30,000
Personalizable? Yes

2. Ergonomic Table or Chair

Sitting for hours in front of a screen may cause postural deformities. Gifting your employees an angle-correcting chair or table can help their health.

Such chairs have a 90 degree tilt lock on them so that the angle with the body is in the correct position. If enabled with a 360 degree revolving feature, it helps in easy movement. Ergonomic tables are also angle corrected to be at the correct incidence with the arms.

Owning these would make it easy for your employees to sit for hours at a stretch.

Price Range – INR 4,000 – INR 25,000
Personalizable? –ย Yes

3. Workout Gear

Being restricted to the inside of your house hampers physical activity. Gifting your employees a sturdy yoga mat or a nice sweat-absorbent T-shirt may trigger their want to engage in a workout.

You can also go for more cost effective options like wristbands and workout wear. This will be a nice gesture showing your employees that you care about their health and well-being. If you wish to go a mile further, give them a fitbit.

Price Range – INR 900 to INR 10,000
Personalizable? Yes

4. Speakers

Some of us donโ€™t like to use headphones and earphones all the time. For that lot of us a good speaker during work meetings is quite indispensable. Gifting your employees a good speaker is a thoughtful gesture.

Price Range – INR 1,000 to INR 7,000
Personalizable? Yes

5. Desk Accessories

Giving your employees a nice laptop stand and other desk accessories like mouse pads, desk organizers, and multi-purpose charger wires can be such a great addition to their work from home gear.

These are also highly affordable options.
Price range – INR 800 – INR 15,000
Personalizable? Yes

6. Smart Watches

If your employees enjoy technology and like wearing watches then there is no better gift than a smart watch. A smart watch is not just an accessory but a great gadget to keep a track of things. It can help your employees keep a check on their physical health while managing work.

Price range – INR 2,000 to INR 30,000
Personalizable? Yes

7. Power Banks

Reaching for a charger every time your phoneโ€™s battery dies down is a struggle. Your employees also feel the same. Not to forget that the charging socket is not always near the workspace. This is why giving your employees power banks as a gift is a great idea.

Price range – INR 600 to INR 20,000
Personalizable? Yes

8. Safety Products

Giving your employees products like sanitizers, oximeters, glucometers and masks in these troublesome times is a great way to show you care. Afterall, it is for their physical well-being that they have to work from home in the first place.

Price range – INR 100 to INR 5,000
Personalizable? Yes

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Though these are the most sought after gift ideas for employees working from home, this is not all. You can choose from a wide range of gift options at The Home Office, a home office solution by Offineeds where you can buy different kinds of products for Work From Home solutions.

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Gift Ideas for Newly Hired Employees

Newly hired employees may feel intimidated by the new work environment that they experience. A nice gift can make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

9. T-shirts

Corporate t-shirts are highly affordable and useful. And you can always go with some personalization. With T-shirts, you can go for – less is more – with a plain color and no design.

Price Range – INR 200 – INR 1,000
Personalizable? Yes

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10. Gadgets

Gadgets are a great gift for those who love technology. In the present era of digitization, most of the technological equipment is useful for the maximum number of people. Therefore, the gift of gadgets will never not be useful for your employees.

Right from a simple mouse to UPS, you can give your employee anything that helps enhance the techie within them.

Price range – INR 500 to INR 20,000
Personalizable? Yes

11. Laptop Backpacks

Owning a laptop and not having the right bag to carry it in can be a big problem. If your employees bring their own laptop to work, giving them a laptop backpack is a decent idea. Go a mile further by gifting an anti-theft backpack.

Price range – INR 1,000 to INR 7,000
Personalizable? Yes

Order corporate custom laptop bags for your employees and clients.

12. Drinkware

This one is a classic. Gifting a cool mug, bottle, flask, copperware, and a cup are rather affordable yet appreciated gift items.

Price Range – INR 200 to INR 3,000
Personalizable? Yes!

13. Notepads and pens

The gift of a notepad or notebook is a simple one, but add some extra features to it, and it becomes special. Many varieties like mini notepads, vintage notepads, a set of notebooks, or a limited edition notebook can take the subtlety to the next level.

Price Range – INR 50 to INR 1,000
Personalizable? Yes

14. Jackets and Hoodies

Apparel gifting is a great practice if you know the preferences and the size of the people you are buying it for. In the workplace, giving a similar custom made jacket or hoodie to your employees can serve as a useful gift that makes them feel connected to the workplace as a team.

Price range – INR 600 to INR 4,000
Personalizable? Yes

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Diwali Gift Ideas for Corporate Employees

Giving a gift to employees on Diwali is a norm in India. What are the best things to give?

15. Planters

Having a good plant in the office environment or at home can add a positive vibe to the surroundings. Gifting your employees a nice piece of planter pot, plants, microgreens, or seed pencil can brighten things up for them.

Price Range – INR 300 – INR 7,000
Personalizable? Yes!

16. Kitchen Appliances

Your employees might be looking forward to buying an appliance or two on Diwali. Gifting them an appliance might just brighten their festival further. Gifting a blender or a coffee machine could be cost-effective.

Price Range – INR 500 to INR 30,000
Personalizable? Yes

17. Home Utilities

Diwali is much about buying new things for your kitchen. Gifting the employees a set of glassware is no short of an apt idea.

Similar to glassware, you can also gift a set of crockery or utensils to the employees. This option might be slightly more expensive.

Additionally, giving out a set of bed sheets with pillow covers is a classic good Diwali gift for the employees. Since winter is around the corner, a set of blankets goes well too.

Price Range – INR 500 to INR 7,000
Personalizable? Yes

18. Gourmet

This may seem like a typical Diwali gift, but it is surely one of the best gifts. You can give your employees a box of chocolates if they have a sweet tooth, dry fruits if you are unsure of what they like, and even green tea to those who are health conscious.

You can also buy gift hampers with other types of goodies and gift those.

Price Range – INR 600 to INR 2,000
Personalizable? Yes

19. Eco Friendly Gifts

Gift giving should not only be about what is best for the people. It should also focus on the goodwill of the environment. Some eco-friendly gifts that you can give your employees may be plantable notebooks, jute bags, notepads and pens.

The best thing is that they are all very affordable.

Price range – INR 25 to INR 2,000
Personalizable? Yes

20. DIY Kits

Doing it yourself is good practice. Encourage your employees for a DIY experience by gifting them cake, planters, or microgreen DIY kits. This can even be helpful if you plan on organizing a team based workshop for your employees.

Price range – INR 1,000 to INR 5,000
Personalizable? Yes

Did you know that we have a dedicated service that lets your employees choose their own gifts from a list of options that you provide them on a microsite?

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With GiftKart:

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  • Customize the packaging to reflect your brand
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  • Your employees will get support from our customer care
  • You will get a customized dashboard to check the big picture, and
  • Your employees will get replacements in case of damaged or lost consignments

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Gift Ideas for Employees Under 500

Giving gifts is always in good spirits, but the expense may make your head itch in worry, especially when you have to provide gifts for a team of employees. But, donโ€™t worry, we got you covered.

21. Stress Busters

Getting stressed at the workplace is very common. Whether it is due to the workload or the lack of rest, the pressure in the workplace is never zero. Therefore, giving your employees a nice stress buster can definitely prevent any anger issues.

Price range – INR 50 to INR 500
Personalizable? Yes

22. Chocolate and Dry Fruit Boxes

Some of us prefer edible gifts over other options. For such employees the gift of chocolate and dry fruit boxes is no short of optimum. Not to forget how affordable these are.

So, if your office has many employees and you need to give them something nice without having to spend a fortune, go for this option.

Price range – INR 200 to INR 1,000
Personalizable? Yes

23. Candles

Decorative things for your employees’ homes can brighten up their mood and house. Gifting candles, especially scented ones, can elate the surroundings of your employees when they use them at their homes. It is a beautiful gift at fairly low cost.

Price range – INR 100 to INR 500
Personalizable? Yes

24. Photo Frames

Labeled as one of the most affordable options, you can buy cute photo frames at very low prices. Whether they use it for putting a picture of their family to see them at work, or to put a group picture of the team, it is a gift indicating a sweet gesture.

Price Range – INR 150 to INR 1,000
Personalizable? Yes

25. Coasters

You can purchase beautiful coasters and cup holders at surprisingly low prices. Buying them in bulk is a really affordable option. They are also very useful for the employees as they are generally surrounded by gadgets and spilling water, tea or coffee on them can be a menacing accident.

Price Range – INR 150 to INR 1,000
Personalizable? Yes

At Offineeds’ Catalog, not only can you filter the products based on their price, but you also get additional filters to sort products like quantity, product category, delivery time, brands and stock availability.
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Personalized Gift Ideas for Office Employees

Personalized gifts are memorable and timeless. When it comes to building rock-solid connections, these are the best gifts.

The following is a select list of the most loved personalized gifts for your employees. But even before that, check out this video to see how you can create your own catalog of products at Offineeds.

26. Embroidery

A personalized piece of embroidery can make the employees feel really special. The embroidery can have the employee names woven on them.

Price Range – INR 200 – INR 1,000

27. Printing

You can buy personalised printed gifts for employees, these may include, photo and text printed t-shirts, printed pillows, printed mugs and even printed bedsheets.

Price range: INR 300 to INR 2000

28. Engraving

Give your employees goodies with their names engraved on it, and they will surely love it. You can get engravings on handkerchiefs, wrist bands, pens, caricatures and name plates.

Price range: INR 200 to INR 1,000

29. Embossing

Embossed gift ideas are very similar to engraved and printed gift ideas. You can get embossed LED frames, embossed pens, embossed keychains, embossed wallets and even embossed wooden photo gifts.

Price range: INR 300 to INR 1500

30. UV Printing

Getting your employees traditional frames is a thing of the past. Give them UV printed frames and other accessories like glass, water bottle and mugs at a highly affordable price.

Price range: INR 400 to INR 2000

Giving your employees a gift with a personal touch may speak volumes about how much you care. With the range of personalized gifts we offer at Offineeds’ Catalog, you can now bring a big smile to your employees faces at affordable rates. Order today to brighten your office environment.

Have any query regarding corporate gifting? Visit our FAQs page and get your answers.


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