Welcome Gift Sets for New Joinees

Send a Welcome Gift Pack to your New Employees' homes in 3 simple steps:

  1. We’ll design a fully customized New Joinee Weclome Kit for you, just the way you like it.
  2. Order as many kits as you need, depending on your hiring plan. We’ll produce and keep stock in our warehouse.
  3. Depending on your onboarding schedule, share employee addresses on a weekly/fortnightly basis and we’ll ship it straight to their homes.

Ready to make your onboarding process more exciting?


Design your own custom made pack

Everything customized with your logo

Add a Welcome Letter into it

Stock will be in our Warehouse

Ship kits on a weekly/fortnightly basis

Add Excitement to your onboarding process


Our Most Popular New Joinee Kits

Buy Welcome Kit For New Employees In India

Making new employees feel welcome is the foundation of a smooth onboarding process. It is the key to getting started on the right foot with them and establishing a solid work relationship so they are productive right off the bat. Beyond that, it takes dedication to make them feel valued and accounted for to ensure a working environment where employees feel motivated to give their best.

Which is why, every company needs an efficient “new employee welcome” campaign to get employees comfortable right from the start and set the tone for their company culture. OffiNeeds’ KitUp — is the perfect tool for building strong employer-employee relationships and promoting positive employee engagement.

With OffiNeeds offering an extensive range of welcome gift options, it takes three simple steps to set the much-needed cordial tone with your employees during their onboarding period.

Here's How We Can Help You Create a New Joinee Kit in 3 Simple Steps

Design a fully Customized Kit

with your choicest products, be it a kitchen set, healthy snacks, work stationeries, travel accessories, etc. — branded with your company logo and packaged with a greeting card

Order your customized New Joinee Welcome Kit

based on your onboarding schedule. Make sure to share your hiring plan with OffiNeeds so we can stock our warehouse well in advance.

Share employee addresses

and we'll ship your new joinee kits dates as needed.

Let's make Employee Onboarding more Exciting!

Work with our team to design customized New Joinee Kits for your organization and leave the rest to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MOQ for customized New Joinee Kits is 50 pieces. However, depending on the products it could also be higher.

Yes, you have full control over all the products that go into the gift box.

It’s a welcome package given to people who are freshly hired, to make them feel appreciated and a part of the team. We offer a new hire employee kit according to the personal needs and preferences of individual employees. Every product in your employee kit is customized with your company’s logo.
You can design your custom-made packs and add a welcome letter to give it a more personal touch. Rest assured about the availability; our warehouse is always stocked with the necessary goods.

We offer a guarantee on all deliveries made by us and will be sending replacements for any broken or missing products.
We have a customer support team which tracks all deliveries proactively to ensure deliveries happen in a smooth manner. Guaranteed Delivery is an additional service provided by us, and is chargeable.

OffiNeeds is one of the best companies in the field of corporate gift-giving. We guarantee free home delivery of eco-friendly packages and a five-step COVID safe packaging. We are 100% tax compliant and provide a live dashboard for clients to track progress. We also offer additional perks like customized brand stores and gift voucher solutions.


The total cost of the gift would depend on the products chosen inside the gift box. Gift boxes can be made starting at Rs 600-700 per box. However, a majority of our clients create gift boxes with products in the budget of Rs 2000-Rs 3000 per gift box.

We can deliver either to your offices across India and globally, or even to the individual recipients of the products directly to their homes across India and the world

When a new employee joins a company, it takes a certain amount of time for them to start feeling like a part of the company. A thoughtful welcome kit often helps get rid of any uneasiness in the beginning.
It can include a lot of daily essentials that an employee may need like a laptop, notebooks, key to the building, and other goods like t-shirts and caps with the company logo on them. It’s on companies to design their own employee welcome kits.

We follow utmost precaution in ensuring all the data of your employees are kept safe. All our sites and microsites adhere to global security standards. If required, we would be happy to a sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company.

An employee joining kit is usually a warm, welcoming gesture that can make an employee realize the effort their company is willing to invest. An onboarding kit is what employees receive after orientation.
It contains utilities for daily use with the company logo imprinted on them to make them feel like they are already onboard with the team.


What our clients say

OffiNeeds Provide Various Types Of Welcome Kit For Employees In India

Welcoming your new employees with a welcoming gift is a wonderful idea to make them feel at home. Make their integration to the new office premises smooth and seamless. OffiNeeds provides amazing corporate gift ideas to suit your corporate gifting needs.


Choose from a wide range of apparel including t-shirts, polo necks, jackets and more. Customize to multiple colours or add your custom company logo. Find unisex fits or specialised ones to suit your preference.

Gadget accessories

Gadget accessories are an ideal gift choice for tech-savvy newcomers. Laptop sleeves, wireless chargers, laptop sleeves, mobile stands, USBs and more. Choose from our collection of gadget accessories to impress the new joiners.

Office supplies

Office supplies are a gift both thoughtful and useful. Premium pens, notebooks and more. Choose from our range of products or customize the products with your company logo to make it the best work from the home gift too.

Gift cards

Not sure what to gift the new joiners? Fret not! We provide a wide variety of gift cards and vouchers. Let your employees redeem them at their convenience. With vouchers of varying amounts and brands available, choose what works for you.

All-in-one welcome kit

Go a step further and gift your employees this all in one gift set. Choose from our premade gift boxes or customize your own. Find gift sets with mugs, corporate t-shirts and office supplies or go the gadget route. 

Benefits of Welcome Kit for New Employees

Orienting new joiners is an important step to ensure a smooth transition. A welcome gift is a perfect way to make your new hires immediately feel at ease. The practice of welcoming newcomers with gifts provides multiple benefits.

Smooth integration

Joining a new office and workplace is a stressful time. Make this process easier for your employees with a custom gift set. This makes the integration to the new workplace smooth and seamless.

Sets the tone

First impressions are the best impressions. A welcome gift from your new office will set a warm and welcoming tone for the employees. This seemingly small step can cause your employees to feel strongly about the office and the work culture.

Creates brand awareness

Welcome gifts with custom brand logos help in creating brand awareness and loyalty among new employees. It makes them feel part of a unit which will further reflect on their work ethic.

Why Choose OffiNeeds For Planning and Buying Welcome Gift

OffiNeeds is the leading corporate gifting company with hundreds of premium products to choose from, we deliver pan India that too securely and quickly. Customize your own gift set, or choose from our curated list of products.

We have products to suit every occasion and every budget. We also provide home delivery to your employees on your behalf for work-from-home gifts.

Find exactly what you are looking for and custom engrave your brand logo to a variety of products.

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