Welcome Gift Sets for New Joinees

Send a Welcome Gift Pack to your New Employees' homes in 3 simple steps:

  1. We’ll design a fully customized New Joinee Weclome Kit for you, just the way you like it.
  2. Order as many kits as you need, depending on your hiring plan. We’ll produce and keep stock in our warehouse.
  3. Depending on your onboarding schedule, share employee addresses on a weekly/fortnightly basis and we’ll ship it straight to their homes.

Ready to make your onboarding process more exciting?


Design your own custom made pack

Everything customized with your logo

Add a Welcome Letter into it

Stock will be in our Warehouse

Ship kits on a weekly/fortnightly basis

Add Excitement to your onboarding process


Our Most Popular New Joinee Kits

Here's How We Can Help You Create a New Joinee Kit in 3 Simple Steps.

Design a fully Customized Kit

All the products you want in it, with your logos, greeting cards and packaging.

Order based on your Quarterly Hiring Plan

We'll produce that many kits for you and keep in stock in our warehouse

Ship out Just in Time for Onboarding

Give us addresses of your new joinees on a weekly basis and we'll ship it to their homes.

Let's make Employee Onboarding more Exciting!

Work with our team to design customized New Joinee Kits for your organization and leave the rest to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MOQ for customised New Joinee Kits is 50 nos. However, depending on the products it could also be higher
The total cost of the gift would depend on the products chosen inside the gift box. Gift boxes can be made starting at Rs 600-700 per box. However, a majority of our clients create gift boxes with products in the budger of Rs 2000-Rs 3000 per gift box
Yes, you have full control over all the products that go into the gift box.
We can deliver either to your offices across India and globally, or even to the individual recipients of the products directly to their homes across India and the world
We offer a guarantee on all deliveries made by us and will be sending replacements for any broken or missing products. We have a customer support team which tracks all deliveries proactively to ensure deliveries happen in a smooth manner. Guaranteed Delivery is an additional service provided by us, and is chargeable
We follow utmost precaution in ensuring all the data of your employees are kept safe. All our sites and microsites adhere to global security standards. If required, we would be happy to a sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company
We follow a 5-step Covid-safe packing process-
1. Daily temperature and vitals checks for all staff
1. We ask our staff take off for the day even if they have the mildest of symptoms
2. All staff wash their hands and sanitise their hands every one hour
3. All staff wear a mask, a face shield, use sanitised gloves and maintain social distance while packing items
4. Every packed parcel is sprayed with a 7-day disinfectant shield to avoid contamination during transit
5. We partner only with Courier agencies who also adhere to strict Covid-safety norms

Download the New Joinee Kit Impact Report

Get started in 3 simple steps:

Design your New Joinee Kit. Our representatives will help you find products you love and customize it as per your brand
Place an order to match your hiring forecast for the quarter. We'll produce and keep inventory ready in our warehouse.
Give us addresses of your New Hires on a weekly/fortnightly basis. We'll ensure the gifts reach just in time for their onboarding.

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