Gift of Choice + Guaranteed Home Delivery

Looking to send Customized Corporate Gifts to your Employees' homes? Here's how we can make it even better:

  1. Shortlist 3-6 different products in a similar budget and we’ll create a microsite for you.
  2. Let your employees choose their gift and share their accurate shipping address.
  3. Their choice gets shipped to them. You get a live dashboard to track progress.

Sounds interesting?


You shortlist 3-6 corporate gifts for your employees.

Build a Microsite and let employees choose their gift

Add a customized Greeting Card

Customize the packaging to reflect your brand

Status updates over Email, SMS and Tracking Page

Customer Care to address any possible issues

A live dashboard for you to get the big picture

Covid Safe packing to ensure well being of Employee

We'll replace damages or lost consignments

Ready to WOW your Employees and Dealers?

Talk to us about making your next event a grand success by offering choice and home delivery of Corporate Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

If the total order value is more than Rs 2L + GST, the microsite will be created by us at no extra cost. For order value less than 2L + GST, the microsite will be charged at Rs 10000 + GST.

You can either short list products from our Advance Search feature on the website, or reach out to our Sales Team who will be able to assist you with choosing the right gifts for your employees

We can deliver to the individual recipients of the products directly to their homes across India and globally

We follow utmost precaution in ensuring all the data of your employees are kept safe. All our sites and microsites adhere to global security standards. If required, we would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company

The entire process can be broken down into four stages-
– Identify & finalize products
– Opening up of the microsite for employees to place orders
– Production, packing & shipping by us
– Delivery to employees’ addresses
Total 15-30 days would be the timeline for the same, depending on the products that are finalised

All the products we offer come with customization as per your requirement. The most common customization we offer on our products are embroidery, print, embossing, screen print, UV print and engraving.
We can also create a custom greeting card with your custom message, and also create customised packing for your gifts

We offer a guarantee on all deliveries made by us and will be sending replacements for any broken or missing products. We have a customer support team which tracks all deliveries proactively to ensure deliveries happen in a smooth manner. Guaranteed Delivery is an additional service provided by us, and is chargeable


We follow a 5-step Covid-safe packing processDaily temperature and vitals checks for all staff
1. We ask our staff take off for the day even if they have the mildest of symptoms
2. All staff wash their hands and sanitize their hands every one hour
3. All staff wear a mask, a face shield, use sanitized gloves and maintain social distance while packing items
4. Every packed parcel is sprayed with a 7-day disinfectant shield to avoid contamination during transit
5. We partner only with Courier agencies who also adhere to strict Covid-safety norms


What our clients say

Benefits of GiftKart for Employees And Clients

GiftKart by OffiNeeds is an innovative solution for all your corporate gifting needs. Not sure what to gift your employees or clients? Or maybe you want to make sure they receive what they want or like. Or Amidst the pandemic you want to send gifts to your employee’s homes.

Browse through our whole product range and finalize the products you want. OffiNeeds then creates a microsite for the same from which your employees can choose gifts from. Let them provide us with their shipping address and we deliver it to them hassle-free.

1. Gift according to your employee’s preferences

Prepare a curated list of products on a microsite. Let your employees choose what they like and voila! It’s delivered to their doorstep with covid safe packaging.

2. Hassle-free gifting

You do not have to worry about a thing while using GiftKart. All you have to do is select your desired items. The rest we will take care of.

3. Make your employees feel valued

There is a difference between giving a generic item to your employees and letting them choose. With GiftKart you give them the power to choose and it makes your employees feel as if their opinions are valued. It indirectly shows you as an employer is open to ideas and inputs from your employees.

Why Choose OffiNeeds for Custom GiftKart Solutions

GiftKart is the perfect place for curated unique corporate gifts. Without being involved in the whole planning and execution we allow you to gift your employees and clients in a hassle-free way.

With Pan India’s fast delivery and quality assurance, there is nothing you have to worry about. If you are unsure of what to choose, our dedicated sales team will be there to help you every step of the way.

We provide a covid safe and assured delivery with quality checks ensuring your employees and clients receive what they deserve.

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