Employee Engagement Podcast

About the podcast 

The Employee Engagement Podcast by Srikanth Acharya (founder of Offineeds) is for business professionals committed to enabling organizational growth with improved employee engagement. Listen to the best strategies and practices seasoned recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals undertake to enhance employee engagement in the workplace. They share case studies, real-life anecdotes, and practical advice on how businesses can develop a thriving company culture and turn disengaged employees into loyal ambassadors. 

Who’s this podcast for

This value-packed podcast series targets business leaders, HR, corporate communication, and engagement professionals who wish to boost productivity, profitability, and overall business performance through greater employee engagement. If you are looking for expert advice on management or tips to recruit and grow large teams effectively, this podcast is for you!

About the host

Employee Engagement evangelist Srikanth Acharya is a passionate entrepreneur and CEO at OffiNeeds, a leading Indian company that provides corporate gifting solutions to businesses. 

Topics discussed

Our host, Srikant Acharya interviews authority business professionals and thought leaders who share real-life stories and philosophies that emphasise positive employee engagement practices in the workplace. They leverage their experience and domain expertise to present actionable advice and tips that help businesses create a people-first company culture.

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