Employee engagement strategies in google

Employee Engagement in Google

The happiness of the workforce lies in the hands of the company. Employee engagement paves the way for the happiness and increased productivity of employees. People who feel connected with the business can only contribute to its growth. A properly charted-out employee engagement plan helps in maintaining harmony in the company.

The following article speaks about the policies followed by Google as part of its employee engagement activities. These indicate the importance of maintaining a connection with the employees of a company. Right from onboarding an employee, several aspects influence the work atmosphere. 

How Does Google Improve Employee Engagement?

It is not without reason that Google is one of the desirable organizations to work with. This world-class company is every employee’s dream.

With numerous awards to its credit for being the company with the best culture, Google stands ahead regarding employee engagement.

Let’s break it down in the following write-up on how Google improves employee engagement.

1. Fun environment at work

Working can be fun, and the search engine giant teaches everyone just how. Google has a lot of things in place that create a fun working environment. Organizations want their employees to be more productive, work on weekends, etc., but what do the employees get in return apart from the monetary recognition? Working long hours and still enjoying work is one of the unique features of Google.

This means employees do not feel burnout due to the working environment they are provided with. In-house nap pods, gyms, swimming pools, professional massages, basic health check-ups, table games, and providing all three meals of the day are some examples of the environment that you can find at Google.

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2. Trust in employees

When employees are trusted, they become loyal resources. Attrition rate can be reduced if this quality is present in employers. This is the case with Google. It emphasizes trusting the employees. Due to this, they feel valued and important. 

Trusted employees are willing to contribute more to the growth of the company. Google’s policies give a huge level of job satisfaction to the employees. Based on research globally, trusted workers are likely to be more connected with the organization than others.

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3. Encouraging creativity

Employees tend to be creative and give their best potential when they are happy with the job. Google encourages creativity in its staff by keeping them happy through its employee engagement plan. Employees are free to express their suggestions without any intimidation. This helps in the flow of various creative ideas that help the company’s growth.

Even during recruitment, Google looks for creative qualities in its potential employees. This helps keep the whole bunch of people at Google self-driven and creative, further auguring the creative working process.

The employees are also not restricted to work only from their cubicles. Instead, they can work from anywhere on the campus, like the cafeteria or lounge. 

4. Open communication

We find the pyramid organization structure everywhere, and communication follows a hierarchy. But in Google, we see a flat organizational structure. This means communication is possible between employees at any level or grade. This policy can be regarded as one of the important strategies in Google’s employee recognition program.

Allowing people to communicate irrespective of their levels is like an ice-breaker for most employees.

They can communicate more freely and voice their opinions and suggestions concerning the job. This interaction and self-driven attitude are what Google expects from its employees.

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5. Perks and incentives

As a part of its employee engagement strategy, Google offers its employees many perks and incentives. This includes an onboarding kit for new employees, free lunch, a hybrid working model, employee massage credits, onsite laundromats, and many more. These perks motivate the employees and stimulate them to put more effort. 

Along with tangible benefits, there are incentives in the form of paid leaves, work-life balance, flexibility to work from anywhere, etc., that make Google the most preferred company. 

6. Financial support

Even with good take-home pay, your financial stability can be a question mark if planning is not perfect. Google helps its employees by providing in-house financial advisors.

The company is concerned that its employees be of sound financial health. These advisors help in tax planning, investments, debt management, etc. 

Since the financial advisors are available on-site, a big worry from the employee’s side is reduced. They can pay better attention to the task at hand.

7. Helps with employee’s mobility

Here’s why Google’s employee engagement policy is unique. Google helps employees work on their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps them in advancement in their careers. The company supports the mobility of employees within the organization if they wish to try their strengths in it. This scope is not available in most companies.

It also helps in retaining the employees. Another advantage of this is that if the skill level matches the present employees, the necessity to recruit new ones gets reduced. 

8. Priority for innovations

Google is well known for innovations and developing the same culture in its employees. Unlike many other companies where employees are instructed to act upon instructions, Google gives freedom to employees. Rather, it can be said that it takes an effort to include innovative minds in its team.

There is no restriction to innovation, and it is only rewarded. This is a core value that attracts employees. People are able to give their best in quality in their work due to this.

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9. Communication of core values

The core values of the company are carried to all the employees. This makes it easy for employees to adapt to it. These core values are revisited from time to time to keep them relevant. Values like democracy on the web, fast is better than slow, focus on the user, and great just isn’t good enough are followed at Google. 

The company seeks people who can find these values relevant to be part of the team. This is what makes it a successful organization. When like-minded people work as a team, there is less friction, and it helps in smooth functioning.

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Final Words

Establishing a personal connection with the employees plays a crucial role in the harmony of an enterprise. As you can see, there are so many methods available for this, like those followed by Google. Employee engagement forms an important part of planning in any business. Without the cooperation of employees, productivity cannot increase.

Many businesses have understood this and are making conscious efforts for the well-being of employees. That said, they have found the key to employee happiness.

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