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An excellent way to strengthen work relationships is with corporate gifts. How about buying some eco-friendly corporate gifts for employees? Everyone appreciates thoughtful gestures, especially when they are sustainable for the planet. What’s more, eco-friendly corporate gifts also make a strong statement about the organisation’s values and social responsibility.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Gifting generates millions of tonnes of garbage, with half of it allegedly ending up in landfills. Green promotional gifts encourage people to decrease waste and live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. They may also assist you in making a powerful statement about your views and ideals.

Yes, we do. We provide customized eco-friendly products across various categories on our website such as apparel, gift hampers, etc. The eco-friendly products can be customized with the company name, company logo and the recipient’s name to add a personal touch to it.

There are various price ranges for eco-friendly gift hampers, which range between INR 95 to INR 475.

We provide delivery of sustainable corporate gift hampers all across India. However, free delivery is applicable only in Bengaluru. For elsewhere inIndia, delivery will be charged as per actuals.

The minimum order quantity for gift hampers for coworkers is INR 20,000. In exceptional cases, we do accept orders below the specified amount. Note that we charge 10-20% on the final prices that will be quoted to you in such circumstances.

Depending on eco-friendly corporate gifts, the standard delivery time ranges from 24 hours to 5 working days. However, depending on where the gift recipient is based, delivery might take longer.


What our clients say

Find Unique and Custom Eco-friendly Corporate Gift Hampers in India


Managers and employees can increase team bonding and joy by gifting each other customized eco-friendly corporate gift hampers. OffiNeeds provides eco-friendly corporate gifting solutions for all occasions, such as birthday parties, festivals, wellness hampers, snackable hampers, among others.

When companies give corporate gift hampers to their employees, it signifies their care and appreciation for them. These gifts signify that the organization is looking forward to a long work relationship with them. OffiNeeds provides organizations the opportunity to buy personalised corporate gifts in bulk for their employees and clients.

Types of Eco-friendly Gift Hampers for Coworkers

Office tools

OffiNeeds provides eco-friendly gifting solutions with office tools such as eco-friendly notepads, bamboo table lamps, eco-friendly diaries and stationery kit, etc. All of these items are 100% biodegradable and can be customized with the company name, logo and the employee name.


Apparel from OffiNeeds consists of corporate T-shirts, jackets, and hoodies, shirts. All our clothing apparel are made with high-quality, organic cotton, which is completely biodegradable, making it environment-friendly. They are created with natural colors as well. These items can be customized with the company name and logo, employee name.


Accessories from OffiNeeds include backpacks, travel and promotional laptop bags, travel accessories, keychains, wallets, etc. All these arecustomizable to the tastes of the recipient. 

Home & Living

OffiNeeds also provides eco-friendly gifts for home & living solutions. Among the most popular items are living frames, 3 in 1 DIY grow kit, plantable pencils, etc. Other popular gifts include bamboo flasks, bamboo pen stands, etc. These items are created with naturally growing produce and add luxury to your homes.


There are various kinds of eco-friendly gadgets available for corporate gifting such as USB hubs, pen holders and wireless chargers, power banks, etc. These corporate gifts are stylish and unique, thus, setting a statement. They can be customized with the company name and logo and will be a good addition to the office desk.


Eco-friendly corporate gifts such as lip balms, gift hampers for foodies, and handcrafted soap bundles are included here.

Why Trust Offineeds?

OffiNeeds is one of the first corporate gifting solutions companies which has begun offering 100% eco-friendly gift packing. OffiNeeds also provides 100% guarantee of home delivery for sustainable corporate gifts. We follow safety protocols while packaging so that our clients can enjoy their gifts with peace of mind.

OffiNeeds has major clients such as TAFE, Standard Chartered, LatentView, Flipkart, etc., under their umbrella. Their testimonials are proof of the exceptional service we provide all our clients. Hence, OffiNeeds is the best choice for organizations that wish to buy eco-friendly corporate gifts in India for their employees and clients.

Benefits of Giving and Receiving Sustainable Corporate Gifts

There are many benefits to giving and receiving sustainable corporate gifts. Eco-friendly gifts:

1. Reduce the carbon footprint

organizations can choose to make a difference and reduce the overall carbon footprint with eco-friendly corporate gifts. The majority of big corporations often use plastic and non-degradable materials for corporate gifts, which often have eco-friendly alternatives. If all the companies adopted this approach, it would greatly reduce the stress on the environment.

2. Create an awareness culture

Even in their personal lives, companies have a significant impact on how their employees think and function. Employees are estimated to have a 59% likelihood of adopting fundamental norms and values from their workplace culture and integrating them into their personal lives.

3. Make a positive statement

By gifting eco-friendly corporate gifts to your employees, organizations make a positive statement about their work culture and their care for the environment. This has an impact on how customers and clients view the business. Clients are more likely to do business with an organization that is environmentally friendly.

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