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Trophies are symbolic of accomplishments; they are awarded to outperforming employees to recognize their meritorious achievements. In corporate culture, it is a reminder of an employee’s success and a token of appreciation for their commendable services.

Buying corporate trophies online for star performers is a phenomenal way to boost employee morale.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The usual delivery time of corporate award trophies is 3 to 5 working days. However, depending on the circumstances and where the employee is located, the delivery may take longer. Organizations seeking to speed up the delivery process can certainly do so, but they will be charged  per actuals.

Organizations that wish to purchase customized awards must do so in bulk. The minimum order quantity for buying corporate trophies online is Rs. 20,000. In exceptional cases, OffiNeeds does accept orders below the specified amount but charges 10-20% on the final invoice.

Yes. OffiNeeds provides home delivery for bulk orders of corporate awards. OffiNeeds delivers customized awards in India and internationally. Standard delivery takes anywhere between 3-5 working days. However, it might take longer due to logistical factors. The recipients may choose to  receive it at a pre-arranged place, which shall be communicated before delivery.

Absolutely. The trophies can be customized with the company name and logo. Organizations can add a personal touch to the customized trophy by adding their employee’s name and photo.


What our clients say

Buy Corporate Trophies and Awards from the Top Corporate Trophies Manufacturer

Trophies imbibe a sense of achievement in employees for their performance in the organization. It serves as a personal memento to continue inspiring them and their peers to give their best to the company.

Employees work incredibly hard throughout the year to attain their targets. Awarding your top performers with corporate trophies is an excellent way to show them that their proficient efforts aren’t going unnoticed. It makes them feel recognized and accounted for.

When employees feel valued, they tend to work harder to achieve their targets with a renewed sense of vigor. It also becomes inspirational to their peers, who also hope to be rewarded at the company.

Order Customized Award Trophies in India

Customized trophies add a personal touch. The intention behind a customized trophy is to give it to someone specific. The fact that the trophy can be customized to the employee’s preferences must be accounted for. Organizations may consider that the employee will post pictures of the trophy on social media which will lead to passive publicity. There are various customizations corporate trophies can include. They are:

  • Company name and logo
  • Employee name
  • A motivational quote for the employee
  • A photo of the employee


Guaranteed Home Delivery of Personalized Trophies and Awards

Regarded as some of the top award trophy suppliers in India, OffiNeeds provides guaranteed home delivery of personalized trophies and awards. While OffiNeeds delivers all across India and even globally, free delivery is only provided in Bengaluru. Shipping to a different location will involve an additional fee as per actuals.

The usual delivery time for guaranteed home delivery of trophies and awards is approximately 3 to 5 working days. It might take longer depending on where the employee is located.

Advantages of Using Trophies or Awards in an Organization

  • Boosts employee morale and increases employee retention

When employees know that they work for a company that values them,  job satisfaction increases. Trophies and awards are great corporate gifts to boost employee morale. It also helps in improving employee retention numbers. 

  • Strengthen team bonds

Awards are a great method to boost a company’s team spirit. Awards, when used effectively, can assist the employees in knowing each other better. Senior management can also urge employees to nominate one another for an award. This strategy can assist the team in appreciating the worth of their teammates’ efforts.

  • Improves productivity

Awards and trophies can vastly improve productivity on a personal level as well as on an organizational level. For example, organizations can award their top performers who achieve their personal targets. They could also award employees who receive the highest customer service ratings.


Buy Premium Quality Corporate Trophies Online

There are various types of premium-quality corporate trophies organizations can buy from OffiNeeds; and in various sizes from 4” to 13”. Depending on the trophy, it may have a single or multiple finishes. 

For example, silver trophies, wood and gold trophies, wood and crystal trophies, etc.

Inspiration trophies can be in the form of a team rowing a boat. Star performers can be awarded a silver star trophy for their perseverance. A wood and gold star trophy would be excellent for an employee who achieved their targets. 

Why OffiNeeds is the Leading Award Trophies Manufacturers in Bangalore

OffiNeeds has been a part of the Indian corporate gifting industry for over 16 years. Regarded as the leading customized trophy manufacturer, OffiNeeds offers the latest, trending designs to their clients. These trophies are created with a variety of materials such as wood, silver, gold, and crystal.

With testimonials from major clients such as Standard Chartered, Flipkart, TAFE, LatentView, etc, OffiNeeds is definitely among the first-class corporate gifting solutions providers in India.  

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