Ok, so let me ask you a serious question -are your company’s diverse needs for corporate gifting driving you crazy?  I mean, do you have someone from a different department standing on your head every day asking for options and information on the “right corporate gift” for their customers/brand ambassadors?

Well, you don’t need to be worried anymore – The online catalogue is your door to stress-free corporate gifting. Check out this video for yourself.

If you’re an admin manager of a large company then the probability is, that you’re always being approached by various departments for innovative ideas on corporate gifting.  

This can get really stressful and hectic because you’re frequently trying to find vendors for different kinds of products.  And we all know what it’s like following up with numerous vendors for quotes and proposals!

You start getting bombarded on email, Whatsapp and social media handle with proposals from vendors who, most of the times, give you only half of the information you need.  

So you’re trying to keep up with the flood of information while attempting to sift and pass on relevant data to the concerned departments. Now that’s what I call stress.

Lots and lots of time are wasted on preparing and presenting comparative views of the proposals received.  Remember all of them are in a different format, give you different information and may not answer all the questions you need to satisfy your colleagues.

Offineeds is a one-stop solution for all corporate gifting requirements.

It is simple to use and helps you sort out information about the products relevant to you with the least of effort.

The best part is that you can search for the most appropriate products and convert it into a mail-able presentation through an easy, 3 step process.

The Advanced Search feature on the Offineeds website, lets you easily filter products by price, category, delivery time and brand.  You can then add whatever products you like to your catalogue and actually download the catalogue to your phone or laptop.

You immediately have a professional-looking catalogue of products which can be emailed to your various department heads.

Apart from being able to quickly respond to your colleagues’ needs, Offineeds helps you do your job efficiently without getting stressed out.

And think of all the time you’re going to save!

You’re done with the tiring and frustrating follow-ups with vendors or with escalations from department heads who haven’t heard back from you in time.

In a jiffy, you’re creating comparative presentations of relevant products for each department in the budget and time stipulated.  And since it works on your mobile too, you can do all of this on-the-go.

Imagine all the time this frees up for things that really need your attention. is a smart way to manage corporate gifting.  Don’t lose time, give it a go today!

Get in touch with us here if you have any questions.

Happy gifting.

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