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Women employees deserve recognition and appreciation. On this international women’s day, make them feel loved and appreciated by giving them unique corporate gifts. 

We have compiled a list of stunning gift ideas to impress your women employees. With amazing ideas at different price points, we have something for everyone.

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The Happiness Gift Bundle

This vegan and cruelty-free gift bundle consisting of self-care products is an excellent option for a women’s day gift. The handcrafted hamper with a vegan, zero waste approach consists of some amazing goodies. 

The gift hamper contains 

  • Espresso Yourself Coffee Body Scrub
  • Lavender Levitate Bath Salt
  • Happily Ever After Lip Balm
  • An Anecdote – Annatto Spa Bar
  • Cinnamon Trails with a Twist – Orange Cinnamon Spa Bar
  • Zero Waste Postcard

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

Price: The happiness gift hamper retails for INR 1355/-

skin care gift idea for employee
employees care gift idea

Your Self Care Necessities Gift Bundle

More often than not, amidst the chaos of balancing home and office, women tend to forget about themselves. Let your women employees indulge in some luxurious self-care. If they feel good, they work better. Simple as that.

The kit includes:

  • A spa bar of your choice (Basil or Annatto or Orange Cinnamon or Turmeric)
  • A shampoo bar of your choice (Crans N Roses or Down To Earth)
  • A lip balm of your choice (Hemp or Busy Bee or Mason & Co)
  • A conditioner bar
  • Golden Hour Liquid Soap
  • Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder
  • Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Bare Neem Wood Comb

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing for lip balm and shampoo bar)

Price: INR 1695/-

Glow Naturally Festive Gift Bundle

Zero-waste, vegan and cruelty-free gift hamper sets are perfect for your employees and the planet. This glow naturally gift bundle is a perfect option for women’s day corporate gifting. Let your employees feel your appreciation with this hand-curated gift hamper.

The kit includes:

  • A spa bar of your choice (Basil or Annatto or Orange Cinnamon or Turmeric)
  • A shampoo bar of your choice (Crans N Roses or Down To Earth)
  • A lip balm of your choice (Hemp or Busy Bee or Mason & Co)
  • A conditioner bar
  • Golden Hour Liquid Soap
  • Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder
  • Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Bare Neem Wood Comb

Price: INR 1340/

wellness products for corporate employees
wellness products

Festive Gift Bundle

A wonderful gift hampers all your gifting needs — select this amazing zero waste, earth-friendly festive gift bundle. Your employees will love it. Trust us on that.

What the kit consists of:

  • Terracotta Body Scrub
  • And It Was All Yellow: Turmeric Spa Bar
  • An Anecdote: Annatto Spa Bar
  • Busy Bee Lip Balm

Price: INR 848/-

Handcrafted Spa Bars

Who doesn’t like a spa experience? If your employees can’t get to the spa, bring the spa to them. With these handmade spa bars, let your employees indulge in a luxury spa experience.

The kit consists of

  • The Herbalist
  • Annatto’s Anecdote
  • Cinnamon Trails with a Twist
  • And It Was All Yellow: Turmeric Spa Bar

Price: INR 525

employee wellness products
employee care products

Rejuvenating Spa Kits

Give women the gift of relaxation this women’s day. Put together a kit with handcrafted spa bars, scrubs, and bath salts for them to enjoy an at-home rejuvenating spa session — while surrounded by fragrant candles.

Your kit can include:

  • The Herbalist Spa Bar
  • Annatto’s Anecdote Spa Bar
  • Cinnamon Trails with a Twist Spa Bar
  • And It was All Yellow Spa Bar
  • Espresso Yourself Coffee Body Scrub
  • Lavender Levitate Bath Salt
  • Shot Glass Candle Ekam

General All-Inclusive Gift Hamper


Customize your own gift hamper with a range of wellness and daily essential products to use throughout the year.

Your kit can include:

  • 3 Fold Notebook With Wooden Stationery Set
  • Silica Stainless Steel Bottle with Silicon Grip (750ml)
  • Multi-Functional Smart Anti Theft Laptop Bag Backpack

Price: INR 1805

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

welcome kit for employees
employee care products

Hemp’ily Ever After Lip Balm

A lip balm is an essential item in every woman’s handbag. Gift this soothing, hydrating lip balm made from all-natural ingredients to keep your employees happy. Loaded with essential fatty acids and the goodness of lavender and tea tree, this gift will be a hit among your employees.

Price: INR 212

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

Hands-on Fitness Watch

Fitness and health-related gifts tend to be a huge hit regardless of who the receiver is. The Pace Mart Watch can be the go-to tracking gadget for your women employees to stay on top of their health. It monitors your sleep, heart beat, oxygen levels, and so much more! Trust us, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Price: INR 3535

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

gift watch for employees
corporate black t shirts

Women Crop Tops

Our line of crop tops are fun and in trend. With multiple color options to choose from in comfortable fabrics, make this your go-to gift for this women’s day.

Customization: Yes, embroidery and logo printing

Price: INR 395

Blue Tokai French Press

Women are usually on the run for others. With family, kids and office as their priority, they often forget about themselves.

Present this classic French press to let them enjoy a strong coffee for their busy day. With heat resistant glass, stainless steel body and clean filter mesh, this is an ideal gift for your wonderful employees.

Price: INR 1865

Customizable: No

coffee maker
wifi adapeter

Airpower Pro Wireless Charger Optimized for All Qi-Enabled

Think a little differently and gift the women of your office something they can use every day. Just because they are women doesn’t mean that they aren’t tech-savvy. 

Know your employees, and if you think they have an affinity for all things techy, this is a perfect gift for them.

With an elegant and sleek design and a 10 w maximum output, this wireless charger will surely be a useful gift.

Customizable: No

Price: INR 1225

Tulsi Herbal Infusion Assorted Tea Box

For everyone who enjoys the finer things in life, these herbal infused tea bags will be an excellent gift. With assorted flavoured tea bags, let your female employees enjoy a little time for themselves with this thoughtful gift.

The kit contains 60 N Infusions Bags:

  • 15 x 1.74g – Tulsi Green Tea Classic
  • 15 x 2.10g – Tulsi Masala Chai, 
  • 15 x 1.74g – Tulsi Original
  • 15 x 1.74g – Tulsi Ginger 

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

Price: INR 895

snack gifts box
premium corporate chocolate box

A Whole Lot of Love

Chocolate makes everything special. Make your employees feel extra special on this women’s day with the assorted box of chocolates and dried fruits. Handcrafted, rich and decadent, this gift set is everything you need to make your employees feel special.

The kit contains a premium box with 

  • 300 g assorted dried fruits
  • 100 g handmade chocolates with nuts
  • 100 g handmade chocolates

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

Price: INR 1899

FOTG Gourmet EcoPack

A perfect assortment of fragrant candles and dry fruits to gift on this women’s day, your employees are going to love this gift set. Make them feel good and relaxed with this amazing gift box.

The kit contains 100 gms of assorted raisins, cashews and almonds plus three eco-friendly scented candles.

Customizable: Yes (digital transfer printing)

Price: INR 945

corporate gift box with candle


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