• 12 premium mini happiness bars - with assorted flavours and fillings
  • MOQ - 100 boxes

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See Through It All

  • Product Code: 16.00679.00
  • Rs345.00
  • Additional Tax: 18%

Usual Delivery Time

*Quicker deliveries may be possible at extra charges

Customization Options

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    This printing technique is used for printing highly graphic or photographic art works onto fabrics. A digital print of the artwork is taken on a special substrate and then heat transferred onto the fabric.

    Products: This technique of customization is done on tshirts, sweat shirts, bags, caps and jackets. However, this can be done only on some types of fabrics and the life of the print varies from fabric to fabric.

    Colours: Fully graphic prints can be done. Even if the artwork is like a photograph, it can be created.

    File Needed: High resolution images - JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc


    A6 or smaller

    Rs. 45

    A5 or smaller

    Rs. 85

    A4 or smaller

    Rs. 125

    Bigger than A4

    Rs. 195

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    The artwork is screen printed onto the product. Depending on the material on which the logo is being printed, appropriate inks are used to ensure maximum quality and life.

    Products: This technique of customization is done on all types of products make from plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper, leather etc. Examples of products where screen printing can be done are pens, notebooks, folders, mugs, USB, power banks, etc.

    Colours: Multi-colour printing is possible for colour separable artworks. No part of the artwork can have gradients, textures or graphic colour overlaps.

    File Needed: Vector format - CDR, EPS, AI, etc


    A8 or smaller

    Rs. 5 per colour

    A7 or smaller

    Rs. 12 per colour

    A6 or smaller

    Rs. 20 per colour

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