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[New Study] 20+ Important Employee Engagement Statistics For 2021

This year, we analyzed 111 LinkedIn posts by 69 males and 42 females to research the impact of new joinee gifts for organizations and employees

In our employee engagement research, we study how unique employee gifts help foster a positive relationship between a company and its employees. 

Our market research in corporate gifting analyzes employee connections, experiences, and other personal factors data compilations to help companies develop the best possible gift kits for their employees.

The study compiles demographic data based on the experiences of working professionals residing in 23 major cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, to mention a few. 

Employees, we’ve researched work at 75 top companies in India like Microsoft, Walmart, Infosys, Wipro, WellsFargo, BMW, and so on.

Let’s jump right into the interesting findings.

Key Findings From The Employee Engagement Report

Here are the highlights and key findings of this study:

  • Women get 8x more engagement on social media posts than men

The gender-based study of social media posts revealed that women posting about their work-life experience and incentives have more attention on an average than posts by men.

  • Youngsters are more likely to post about their work-life

Our study correlating age and social media presence has shown us that younger employees or freshers have a 325% more rate of updating their experiences on social media.

  • 50% posts regarding welcome kits pose good engagement on social media and lead to an increase in job referrals

We discovered that posts on welcome gift assortments had registered significant responses from followers requesting job referrals.

  • Posts from employees residing in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Noida are shown to invite more engagement

We found that social media posts from metro cities invoke higher engagement due to an active corporate lifestyle. 

  • Our study indicates that an assortment of 4-5 items valued approximately at Rs 2500 receives maximum feedback from the receivers on popular kits.

On popular gift items, our research suggests that the most popular gift items you can include in employee welcome kits are notebooks, bottles/mugs, backpacks, t-shirts/hoodies, or gadgets.

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New Joinee Gifts Statistics 2021

In this research, we have studied social media reactions, post frequency, reach, follower engagements, etc to study how welcome gifts are received by employees.

We have included the following demographic factors:

  • Age group
  • Location
  • Gender

We have utilized the data based on existing employee gifting trends to get a better insight. The findings of this study are discussed in detail below:

Post Analytics — Engagement analytics

Engagement analytics are conducted based on the data collated from social media platforms. The determining factors for a post’s likeliness to impact are the number of likes and the comments it receives.

Unit engagement in social media posts is calculated by adding two of these factors.

1. Engagement analytics on new employee posts based on likes and comments

Employees who post about welcome kits they receive on joining new companies attract significant engagement from their connections.

Our study shows that the average engagement on social media posts related to employee engagement gifts is within the range of 4200-4300 likes and comments. 

  • The highest engagement on posts is above 83,000 likes and comments

The lowest engagement is below 50 likes and comments.

25% of the posts we have analyzed have 1000 engagements on average, indicating high popularity. 

Key Takeaway: Companies stand to enhance social media visibility by giving their new joinees attractive welcome gifts. It will also lead to positive brand awareness and attract skilled talents to the company.

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2. Which new employee demographic receives higher engagement on social media?

Engagement by Demographics

During our analysis, we found that posts shared by female employees are more likely to get better engagement on social media than posts shared by male employees.

Our engagement analytics based on the demographic data on gender reveals that updates by female users generate 77% engagement. 

In contrast, social media updates by male users account for 23% of the total engagement only.

The study also shows that female users are more inclined to post updates on social media about their personal and work-life experiences. 

If you’re planning to invest in welcome kits for newly joined employees, the above statistics will help you understand its impact on brand awareness and employee engagement.

3. New employees and freshers with below five years of experience drive the highest engagements on social media

New employees are more likely to post updates and garner responses on social media. However, senior employees do not attract as much engagement as junior employees do. 

Our analytics based on the employee’s work experience and their frequency of posting updates on social media suggest that engagement significantly decreases for employees with 20+ years of experience. 

Key Takeaway: The key demographics to concentrate on are employees with less than 10 years of experience who receive over 100,000 likes and comments on new employee welcome gift posts.

4. What is the role of metro cities in a new employee's social media engagement?

Since metro cities across India have a higher corporate population, employees based in the metro cities are more disposed to posting updates and engaging in similar posts on social media.

Bangalore tops the list with an engagement of nearly 130000 across different platforms. Hyderabad and Nagpur are also among the top three cities with the highest engagement.

Here is a list of the top cities in India and their average social media engagement:


Metro City

Total Engagement














New Delhi
































If your company is located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Nagpur, you stand to attract abundant traffic to your employee engagement campaign.

Post Analytics — Engagement rate

Engagement rate is the ratio of engagement by an individual divided by the total number of followers they have. Therefore the engagement rate can be calculated by:

Engagement rate = (Total engagement/ Total followers) %

Let’s take a look at what data on engagement rate wrt to new employees suggests:

5. What is the new employee engagement rate based on the number of posts?

We analyzed over 100 posts to determine the engagement rate on new employee welcome posts. As it happens, 28% of the posts displayed an engagement rate higher than 100%. 

  • Our study indicates that the highest engagement rate can be as high as 4519%, whereas the lowest can be in point decimal figures.
  • The average engagement rate on the posts analyzed is 169%

For companies looking to invest in new employee welcome gift campaigns, the above statistic should point you in the wrong direction.

6. What is the new employee engagement rate based on gender?

Engagement rate analytics based on gender is yet again in the favour of new female employees when compared to new male employees. 

  • The engagement rate on posts updated by female & male users is 347.7% and 46.5% respectively.

7. Do new employees with fewer years of experience have higher engagement rates?

The engagement rate based on the years of experience under the employee’s belt suggests that employees with less than five years of experience have more than 100% engagement rate.

On the other hand, senior employees with more than 20 years of experience had a below 5% engagement rate. 

Does engagement rate decrease with an increase in years of experience?

Yes, our research has revealed that employees with less than 5 years of experience drive higher engagement (over 100%) than senior employees (less than 5%).

8. What is the new employee engagement rate based on location?

The highest engagement rate towards new employees was seen in metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, and Noida.

In contrast, new employees from Chennai, Nagpur, Coimbatore, and Ahmedabad who posted about their new joinee kits received the lowest engagement.

This should give companies an idea towards which cities their marketing efforts should be directed. 

Post Analytics Engagement Growth

Engagement growth is calculated as the ratio of engagement on social media updates on the new employee welcome kits to the engagement rate on previous posts.

9. Are new joinee kit posts more engaging?

New employee welcome kit posts have shown an engagement growth of at least 10x higher than previous posts made by employees.

Our data suggest that, on average, social media updates on the new employee welcome kit have 75% more engagement than previous posts.

Key Takeaway: New employees should be welcomed with gifts or incentives when they begin their job. In fact, new joinees expect welcome gifts in the induction period of their job.

10. Women employees have shown higher engagement growth when compared to male employees

The engagement growth rate on posts updated by female users is 128x more than previous posts.

In contrast, the engagement growth rate on posts updated by male users is 23x more.

This also shows that women are most likely to post about any new welcome kits they might receive on joining new companies. 

11. What is the new employee engagement growth based on years of experience?

Employees with 5-10 years of experience have registered the highest engagement growth. 

Senior employees with more than 20 years of experience have registered the lowest engagement growth.

12. What is the new employee engagement growth rate based on location?

engagement growth

The data based on location indicates that the highest engagement growth rate is in cities like Varanasi, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, and New Delhi. 

The lowest engagement growth rate was seen on new employee posts from Chennai, Ghaziabad, Coimbatore, and Ahmedabad.

Cost Analytics

Cost analytics is based on the estimated price range of each new employee welcome box given to new joinee.

13. What’s the most common price range for new employee welcome kits?

employee engagement growth rate with gift cost

Cost analytics indicates that the average price for each joining kit is somewhere around Rs. 2800. More than 72% of the kits analyzed were within the price range of Rs. 1000- Rs. 5000

Companies looking for corporate gifts in the price range of Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 can opt for household items like kitchen sets, stainless cookers, gift baskets with high-end laptop backpacks, sling bags, and so on.

14. The ideal price range for the most popular employee joinee kits is Rs 1000 to Rs 2500

number of employee kits and engagement

The number of kits and engagement rate per cost suggest kits within the price range of Rs. 1000- Rs. 2500 are not only the most popular kits but also have the highest engagement on social media posts.

We recorded a 430.7% engagement rate in the above-mentioned price range as compared to the closest range of less than Rs 1000 that attracted a 180.64% engagement rate.

ROI of investing in new employee kits

Return on investment is the cost required to generate one engagement (like/comment) on social media posts. This cost per engagement is the ratio of the total cost of a kit and the total engagement it has generated.

If you’re looking for new employee gift ideas, creating custom merchandise store for your employees could also be a good strategy for employee engagement.

15. What is the Cost Per Engagement (CPE) of welcome kits?

cost per engagement

50% welcome kit posts for new employees have a cost per engagement within the range of Rs. 10 – Rs. 1.00
Key Takeaway: Companies with employee engagement campaigns can calculate their return on investment based on the cost of their new joinee kits and the engagement they drive.

16. What is the cost per engagement on new employee posts based on demographic data?

cost per engagement by gender
Cost per engagement vs Gender

The cost per engagement calculated based on the demographic data on gender in social media reveals that male users have a higher cost per engagement due to comparatively lower engagement on their social media posts.

The cost per engagement for female social media users is Rs. 0.27. In contrast, the cost per engagement for male social media users is Rs. 2.78.

17. What is the cost per engagement on new employee posts based on their years of experience?

cost per employee engagement vs experience

Employees below five years of experience had the lowest CPE whereas, the cost per engagement for employees with 10-20 years of experience is the highest. 

18. What is the cost per engagement on new employee posts based on location?

employee location matters in getting employee engagement on social media

Cost per engagement rates calculated based on locations suggests that in cities like Pune, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Kolkata, the CPE is within a range of Rs. 10.00- Rs. 1.00. 

Whereas, in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Pondicherry, the CPE is within a range of Rs. 1.00- Rs. 0.10.

19. How useful is a new employee welcome kit?

number of corporate gifts as welcome kit

This section aims to gauge the utility of the welcome onboarding kit for new employees. How valuable a kit might be to the receiver is directly proportional to the number of items included in the kit.

Our data suggest that 67% of the employee welcome kit consists of an average of 3-5 products. The highest number of items included is 8.

Key Takeaway: Companies looking to increase the utility of their new employee welcome kits should have at least 3 to 5 products.

20. How useful is a new employee welcome kit?

average cost of welcome kit for new employees

Our data indicate that the most popular products included in kits are Notebooks

  • Bottles/flasks
  • Knick-knacks
  • Backpacks
  • T-shirts
  • Mugs, and
  • Headphones.

What are the most expensive and least expensive items included in a new joinee kit? 

  • The data on the average price of products suggest that headphones, gift-voucher, speakers, USBs are the most expensive products included in a kit.
  • On the other hand, caps, mugs, notebooks, and t-shirts are the least expensive items included in an employee welcome kit.

At offineeds, you’ll also get the best deal on corporate gift cards for employees.

21. Which are the most engaging items in a new employee welcome kit?

top products with most employee engagement

Among the top 10 most engaging products, we have a cap, power bank, headphones, and speakers. This should give HR managers an idea of what they should include in their new joinee kits.

22. Which products in a new joinee kit have the highest ROI?

return on investment of welcome kit

We have caps, power bank, notebook, T-shirt, and knick-knacks among the products with the highest return on investment.

Key Learnings From The Study Of Employee Engagement

Here are some helpful insights we gathered in our research:

  1. A branded goodie bag is the only tangible connection a new employee can have with the brand when remote onboarding is required for employees working from home.
  2. A surprise gift is necessary to develop a good employee-company relationship. Every new employee expects some gifts or incentives in the induction period of their job.
  3. Delivering the welcome kit to the employee’s home is a good way of ensuring that the employee and their family feel positive about the new job.
  4. It is common for new employees to post updates about their welcome kits when they are delivered to their homes.
  5. Employees like to sport their company merchandise. Wearing a company T-shirt or a cap is how a working professional may assert his association with a company to people around him.
  6. The employees may even prefer to gift company merchandise to their close ones.

5 Proven Tips To Make Your Welcome Kit Better

tips to make better welcome kit
  1. Invest in good Packaging: High quality packing is needed to ensure safe delivery. But
    also, a box customized with your brand & message can deliver a Wow Impact.
  2. Insert a greeting card: Draft a custom welcome message from someone in the management and insert a greeting card in your welcome kit.
  3. Focus on great quality: Only send high quality products as it reflects on your brand. And ensure every product is customized with your logo and messaging.
  4. Little things matter a lot: Include little things like laptop stickers, badges, key chains, web cam cover, bookmarks, coasters, etc. These will have a lasting impact.
  5. Timing is everything: Try to send the goodie pack as a surprise and try to send it just in time for their induction. It has a much greater impact and makes onboarding much smoother.

Final Words

Corporate gifting is found to be an efficient way to make your clients and employees feel appreciated. The perfect assortment of gifts helps enterprises to boost employee satisfaction and retention positively.

Corporate gifting is a useful way to turn your employees, clients, and dealers into brand ambassadors. Gifts and incentives are also necessary to foster employee engagement. 

Distributing branded merchandise as gifts helps you build your brand and extend awareness of your brand to a larger audience.

With the world moving on to remote working due to the pandemic, corporate gifting ensures that the company can maintain a healthy relationship with its employees and customers.

If you find this study useful, share it with your friends and close ones.

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