12 Biggest Corporate Gifting Trends of 2023

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Gifting is a rather common custom worldwide, be it during holidays or special occasions. From thoughtful gifts on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and festivals to managers rewarding employees for their achievements, the motive of gift-giving is simple — showing appreciation. 

Even though the motive remains intact, corporate gift ideas change year after year. And 2023 is no exception. 

Gifting employees is important when organizations want to reward them for their perseverance at work. However, it is no longer restricted to just celebratory occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, etc.

Now, it is also a fruitful method deployed to retain the best employees and increase employee engagement. 

In this guide, you will discover 12 biggest corporate gifting trends of 2023 that you must be ready for.

1. Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts

Giving environmentally friendly luxury corporate gifts is an evergreen trend.

Customers and clients want to do business with companies that care about the environment, and the employees take pride in working for environmentally conscious organizations. Sustainability can be beneficial to both the environment and business.

2. Food gift hampers

When it comes to food hampers, you can never go wrong since there is no better present than the gift of wonderful food. Aside from the customary sweets, salty and savoury treats are becoming increasingly popular as gifts. Each gift hamper is curated according to the preferences of the employees.

They are the epitome of luxury and style. Gourmet food hampers are a great way to show appreciation to employees, clients, and business partners.

Healthy teas and snacks are perfect and unique gift ideas. To add a touch of refinement, organizations may even consider eco-friendly gift hampers.

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3. Corporate stationery products

There is nothing better than providing stationery to remote employees or employees who have retired with customized stationery from Offineeds.

Some popular options in gifting stationery include pens, planners, calendars, basic stationery, etc. They will surely cherish this gift.

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4. Personalized corporate gifts

Personalization has appeared as a large craze in corporate gifting trends of 2023 and beyond. The greatest gifts are customized to cater to the preferences of the recipient and promote brand image. Thus, it’s no wonder that personalization has emerged as a substantial corporate gifting trend this year.

Personalizing presents for each recipient is what makes them unique and meaningful. With people frequently being compelled to stay indoors because of COVID-19, it is likely for them to feel alone or experience ‘FOMO’.

Hence, a personalized corporate gift is a great way to boost employee morale and engagement.

Organizations may choose to customize the gifts with the company name, employee name and the company logo. Personalized gifts also make brilliant retirement gifts for employees, as a token of employee appreciation.

5. Home décor items

Among the latest trends in corporate are home decor items. They are a suitable fit for any occasion and help strengthen bonds between management and employees. OffiNeeds provides a variety of home décor gifting solutions such as photo frames, kitchen accessories, fridge magnets, etc.

It’s no secret that strong business relationships are critical to survive the competitive market, especially when bidding on new clients and consumers. Which is why, giving gifts that have an impact on the personal lives of employees and clients is a great way to go.

6. Gifts for remote employees

In the middle of the pandemic, organizations are allowing their employees to work from home, but retaining them has been difficult. Companies are participating in corporate gift trends this year as a means of retaining their employees.

Multinational corporations such as Facebook, for example, gave each employee $1,000 to set up a home office.

Although internet behemoths like Google and Facebook may be able to do so, many firms are unable to do so due to budgetary constraints. Offineeds provides fitness gadgets for employees to be healthy and refreshed while also focusing on work.

7. Corporate gift cards

For organizations who do not want to invest the time and effort in choosing customized gifts for their employees, digital gift cards are the perfect gift. Offineeds provides gift cards from top retailers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Nykaa. With these gift cards, the employees can buy anything of their choice from the retail website.

What’s more, gift card purchases from Offineeds come with lifetime validity. This way, employees can buy what they need later in the future as well.

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8. Self-care presents

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone, and it has increased people’s awareness of their health and what’s better for them. The number of individuals prioritizing their health is growing, which is fantastic for maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Gifts from supervisor to employee in the form of self-care presents are great if they are quarantined, retired or are working remotely.

Gym memberships, healthy snacks, essential oils, and fragrance diffusers are some of the trending luxury corporate gifts.

9. Technology corporate gifts

Technology is undoubtedly the most popular gifting niche in 2023. Everyone uses it, everyone has it, and everyone wants it if they do not own it.

It is not something that can be tucked away in a drawer and forgotten about later. There is a wide choice of tech available for organizations to choose for their employees. For organizations with many employees, OffiNeeds offers items such as earphones, portable Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, power banks, etc.

These items are available across various budgets for every organization. A smart way is to list the items and let employees choose their preferred gift.

Gym memberships, healthy snacks, essential oils, and fragrance diffusers are some of the trending luxury corporate gifts.

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10. Unique corporate games

Offineeds provides distractions in the form of little games such as fidget spinners, magic cubes, etc.

Organizations can use this brilliant gift idea to allow their employees to use this as a distraction when their tasks become stressful.

This gifting idea is beneficial for employees who not only work from the office but also who work from home. 

11. Online courses

Providing employees with the chance to learn something new is a wonderful approach to enabling that sense of accomplishment, especially when they are working from home. Employees can benefit personally as well as professionally by receiving useful learning resources from their managers.

Investing in learning materials and encouraging employees to gain new skills is the key to growing and improving a business.

This is because employees feel valued and cared for. When employees are appreciated, they will most certainly work better for their company.

Google provides many free courses for users to choose from, in case you are looking for some inspiration.

12. Personalized apparel

Personalization is the final and most significant trend to consider when selecting business gifts. “Choosing the appropriate present for the right person” is what personalization entails in this case. 

Employees will enjoy and appreciate you as an organization when you create apparel personalized to their tastes. Offineeds provides a wide range of personalized apparel like T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps and shirts. All of these can be customized with the employee’s name and their favourite artwork.

What is the size of the corporate gifting market?

While the entire gifting market size in India is INR 2,50,000 crores, the corporate gifting market takes INR 1,20,000 crores of the pie.

Reportedly, it is growing by 200% every year. For more than a decade, luxury companies in India have focused solely on wealthy clients in major cities.

However, sales data shows that tier 2 and 3 purchasers are among the most important buyers in the luxury market, with e-commerce facilitating this rise.

Millennials now have a lot of money and easily control the whole consumer market. They favour high-end products and frequently use social media as their primary source of information.

Final Words

Corporate gifting trends change every year, but the primary intention remains the same; organizations seek to appreciate and touch the hearts of everyone associated with them, whether it is an employee, client or vendor.

So, go ahead and embrace these corporate gifting trends in 2023 and beyond; you are sure to leave your employees delighted and increase engagement.

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