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Employees work hard every day to keep businesses running smoothly and reach their long-term mission. Every business has targets to achieve and milestones to meet. And employees play a crucial role in enabling progress for the company. Without them, an organization cannot function or generate revenue. As key assets, efforts should be made to recognize their efforts and retain them, especially star performers. What better way to give them the recognition they deserve than with corporate gifts personalized for them? 

With OffiNeeds’ corporate gifting solutions, organizations can gift employees and clients certificates with corporate frames to thank them for their dedication towards work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Since we only accept bulk orders, the minimum order quantity for ordering certificates is Rs. 20,000. In some cases, we do make exceptions and accept orders below Rs. 20,000. However, do note, the customization charges could be higher for smaller quantities

Absolutely. With the help of digital printing, it is possible to customize certificate frames. The frames can be customized with the employee’s name, company name, and logo. We also offer fully custom-created certificate frames.


What our clients say

Order Corporate Frames for Certificate at Best Price

OffiNeeds helps startups and corporations buy corporate gifts such as frames with a certificate for the best price. When employees receive certificates, they can proudly display their achievements on their desks. It inspires their colleagues to grow professionally. It motivates underperforming employees to perform better in the next term to receive a certificate as well. There are various types of certificate frames organizations can choose from for their employees and clients.  

Get Guaranteed Home Delivery of corporate frames

OffiNeeds provides home delivery of corporate frames to employees and clients all across India and internationally. Home delivery is free in Bengaluru. The standard delivery time for certificates and frames is 5-10 working days. However, it may take longer depending on where the employee is located. Many employees work remotely from home or in different locations; they need recognition too. It is not unusual to feel disconnected while working away from colleagues. Home delivery of corporate frames will be highly motivational for them. 

Premium Quality Certificate Frames for Employees and Clients

There are various types of certificate frames available for organizations to choose from. Some are certificate frames with borders and some without. The ones without frames are satin scrollers which can be displayed as a wall hanging. Other certificates with frames include premium frames with a luxury touch to them. OffiNeeds also provides metal frames with a glossy finish and wooden frames with a rustic feel to them. What’s more, organizations can even purchase metal frames with a matte finish. 

Different Ways to Use corporate frames as a Corporate Gift

When organizations buy certificate frames online in India to gift to their employees, it increases employee engagement. The higher the employee engagement, the more involved employees will be in the happenings of their organization. It is necessary to reward them for their hard work.

Giving frames as a corporate gift should not be limited only to employees who complete the given targets. When employees are recognized for their efforts regardless of the outcome, it motivates them to perform better in the next quarter. With corporate frames on the table, employees will feel that their organization cares for them. Engaged employees deal with customers much better and are motivated to close deals much faster than those who just work for a monthly salary. Hence, giving them corporate gifts will boost employee morale

Why Offineeds is the Leading Corporate Certificate Frames Manufacturer in India

OffiNeeds has been a pioneer in the corporate gifting industry for over 16 years (since 2005). With a variety of merchandise in the store, they have been helping start-ups and corporate organizations with their corporate gifting requirements. Apart from the high-quality gift merchandise, OffiNeeds also provides certificate frames online in India.

Our client testimonials are proof of our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. We also provide other merchandise such as gift hampers, new joinee kits, BrandStores and gift voucher solutions. Our portfolio includes major brands such as TAFE, Standard Chartered, LatentView, Flipkart, GE, etc. 

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