Unique Christmas Gifts For Employees and Coworkers

Unique Christmas Gifts For Employees and Coworkers

Office parties during festive seasons are quite the norm across companies worldwide. Whether they are themed celebrations or casual get-togethers, everyone makes memories for a lifetime.
At a time like this, what could be better than giving heartfelt Christmas gifts to create a lasting impact on your employees? Not only would they cherish them fondly, but it would also sow seeds of positivity within them.

In this article, we have discussed unique Christmas gifts for employees to suit different budgets

Christmas gifts for employees

Christmas is a celebratory time where we share joy not only with our families but also with our colleagues at work. It is the perfect time where we show appreciation for the hard work of our employees and everyone associated with the company.

With Christmas gifts for coworkers like Christmas hampers, employee Christmas gift cards, appreciation cards, and more, your employees are sure to be delighted. There are scores of options for organizations to choose gifts according to their corporate gifting budget. There are a whole range of sophisticated items which come under a price of Rs 500, Rs1000, and Rs 2000 respectively.

Some of the best employee Christmas gift ideas 2021 are listed below:

Employee Christmas gifts under 500 INR:

Employee Christmas gifts under 1000 INR:

Employee Christmas gifts under 2000 INR:

Gift Idea 1: USB Planner Diary 16GB

Price: โ‚น 815

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This is a promotional USB planner diary that employees can use to plan: mapping projects, jotting down ideas, and taking meeting notes. It has a pen holder and pockets for keeping visiting cards. The most amazing feature of the USB planner diary is that the USB Pendrive can be displayed on a projector during presentations and meetings.

It comes in three colors: black, red and brown. It comes with a customizable cover. This way, the diary can be customized according to the employeeโ€™s preferences. Whatโ€™s more, the company logo, specific artwork and the employee name can also be printed on it.

Gift Idea 2: Personalized Employee Christmas Gift Hampers

Price: From โ‚น500 to โ‚น3000

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Opt for a gift hamper for a refreshing and soothing evening after a hard dayโ€™s work. A gift basket idea can include a host of interesting items including exotic tea sets containing Chai Om, drink health Chai Om, Vienna roast coffee, etc.

Herbal teas have a soothing effect on the mind and bring about a sense of peace. Employees can also consume herbal tea during office hours to de-stress. This will bring more workplace efficacy and also increase employee engagement.

Another example is the Food of the Gods gift basket that is packed with wholesome goodness in the form of dried fruits, happiness bars, hand-made, and so on.

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Gift Idea 3: Moov 3 in 1 TWS Earpods, Power bank and Wireless Fuzo

Price: โ‚น1895

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The majority of employees now work remotely from home, office, and even while travelling. Hence, Moov 3 in 1 TWS Earpods, Power bank and Wireless Fuzo are the perfect gift for such employees.

It consists of a power bank, wireless EarPods and wireless charging. The EarPods can be used to attend Zoom calls, Google meetings, and other official meetings. The 5200mAh power bank can be used to charge your phone in case it is running out of charge during office meetings/calls. There is also a wireless charger for hassle-free charging so that anyone can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Gift Idea 4: Portronics Chicklet POR-973 Foldable Qwerty Keyboard

Price: โ‚น 1225

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As the office has been transported to our homes, computer accessories have become a necessity. Branded gifts such as the Portronics chicklet foldable keyboard is one accessory that employees can use at home and in the office. It is wireless, and has large keys for a perfect ergonomic set-up, which makes typing a flawless activity. Whatโ€™s more, it can also be paired with mobiles, tablets, and iPads. It has a long playtime of approximately 140 hours.

A handy gadget is an excellent gift to give employees during Christmas. They are practical, make the workspace less messier, and you can carry them along with you when you go off on your Christmas holiday trips.ย 

Gift Idea 5: F5 Turbine Bucket

Price: โ‚น1525

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The F5 Turbine bucket is a washing bucket that runs on ultrasonic turbine technology. It assists people in making their laundry tasks easier. It can be charged via USB and has four working modes: Automatic block cleaning, turbine cleaning, ultrasonic vibration cleaning and bubble cleaning.ย 

High-frequency vibrations make cleaning emulsification and removal of stains and dirt easier. It can be used to wash t-shirts, shirts, undergarments etc. This bucket also saves energy,ย 

It’s just the travel buddy you need; it can easily fit in a suitcase as it is foldable and will be extremely easy to use when on vacation.

Gift Idea 6: Mine Sweep Robo F5

Price: โ‚น1165

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This is an automatic vacuum cleaner that runs on artificial intelligence and is very easy to install. As it is compact, it can be used to clean up a messy desk after a harr dayโ€™s work.

With Christams holidays around the corner, your employees will want to make their homes spick and span in preparation for the festival. The Mine Sweep Robo can make cleaning significantly effortless. It works on robotic technology and can pick up dust, paper bits, pencil shavings etc. It can also pick up breadcrumbs after your snack at the desk.

Gift Idea 7: Corporate Gift Cards

Price: From โ‚น500 to โ‚น20,000

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Gift cards are the best option for organizations that do not have the time and do not want to make the effort. Gift cards can be given to employees in any monetary amount through Offineeds. The gift cards can be given from any popular retail store like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Gift cards are a perfect gift for employees since they can choose whatever they prefer. Whatโ€™s more, since gift cards come with lifetime validity, they can be used at any time in the future.

Gift Idea 8: Laptop Bags

Price: From โ‚น815 to โ‚น1365

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Customized laptop bags can be the perfect gift from organizations to their employees. Not only does it make for a perfect Christmas gift to retain older employees, but it is also perfect for new joinees.

The customized laptop bags stand out from the crowd since they are customized to the employeesโ€™ taste. The bags can also be customized with the company name and logo, the employeeโ€™s name and other artwork if required. Laptop bags from OffiNeeds are spacious and will allow employees who shuttle between various locations to begin their new year with ease.

Gift Idea 9: Notebooks, pens and organizers

Price: โ‚น200 to โ‚น2000

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Stationery in the form of notebooks, pens, etc., can be a perfect Christmas gift for employees. This is because stationery gifts can be useful to employees not only at work, but also at home. Organizations with a flexible budget can choose this gift for their hard-working employees. It is also a perfect present for new employees since they will be able to gain a lot from it.

The best part about stationery from Offineeds is that they can be customized to have the company name, company logo and the recipientโ€™s name on it. 

In addition to this change, we can add 6 more products for christmas gifts.

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Bring on the Christmas Cheer

Christmas is one of the best holidays for organizations to thank their employees for their dedication and hard work. Since employees spend a major part of their time in the office, celebrating Christmas with unique presents creates a sense of belonging and trust.ย 

Corporate gifting at such a time is excellent for increasing employee enthusiasm and engagement at the workplace. When employees are motivated, they work better, which positively impacts the organization they work for. So, this Christmas, show your employees you appreciate them with thoughtful gifts that they will cherish for a lifetime.

If you still have any doubts regarding selecting and buying corporate gifts, visit our corporate gifting FAQs section and get your question answered.

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