• Marvel metal water bottle comes in a variety of funky colours to perfectly suit your brand, logo or taste, it has a silicon clip to conveniently clip the bottle onto your belt or your backpack for those active days.
  • BPA free.
  • Capacity 600ml
  • Material Aluminium
  • Weight 100gm.

Usual Delivery Time 5 to 10 Working Days
Tax Additional 12% Extra
Note Quicker deliveries may be possible at extra cost. Please check with us while ordering. The timelines mentioned are tentative and may vary based on stock availability and seasonality. Please check with us before confirming order.

Metal water bottle MWB-114

  • Brand: BE Home
  • Product Code: 14.08815.00
  • Rs265.00
  • Additional Tax: 12%

Usual Delivery Time

*Quicker deliveries may be possible at extra charges

Customization Options

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    Laser engraving machines are used to engrave the desired logo/artwork onto a product. In this technique the top layer is “burned” off, thus exposing the below layer of the material, giving a depth to the logo. While laser engraving can be done directly on some products, there is also an option of engraving on a metallic foil sticker(gold or silver colour) and pasting it on the product.

    Products: Laser engraving can be done on materials like wood, acrylic, glass and metal. Examples of products where engraving can be done are keychains, metal pens, trophies, metal mugs, wooden boxes, etc. For a lot of trophies, logos can be engraved on a metal foil sticker and then pasted on the product.

    Colours: Only one colour artwork can be used. The logo appears in a slightly darker colour than the product. But in case of coated materials, the below layer colour will appear.

    File Needed: Vector format - CDR, EPS, AI, etc


    Wood/Acrylic Engraving

    Metal Engraving

    Metal Foil Sticker with Engraving

    A8 or smaller

    Rs. 10

    Rs. 20

    Rs. 20

    A7 or smaller

    Rs. 25

    Rs. 40

    Rs. 50

    A4 or smaller

    Rs. 75

    Rs. 100

    Rs. 120

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    The artwork is screen printed onto the product. Depending on the material on which the logo is being printed, appropriate inks are used to ensure maximum quality and life.

    Products: This technique of customization is done on all types of products make from plastic, wood, metal, glass, paper, leather etc. Examples of products where screen printing can be done are pens, notebooks, folders, mugs, USB, power banks, etc.

    Colours: Multi-colour printing is possible for colour separable artworks. No part of the artwork can have gradients, textures or graphic colour overlaps.

    File Needed: Vector format - CDR, EPS, AI, etc


    A8 or smaller

    Rs. 5 per colour

    A7 or smaller

    Rs. 12 per colour

    A6 or smaller

    Rs. 20 per colour

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