• Reusable gloves for house keeping. Made of latex-10
  • Embossed palm
  • Assorted Colors.
  • Bright finger colors.
  • Different colors makes it easy to use latex gloves for different chores.
  • The embossed palm features a textured pattern offering you a better grip.
  • The long cuff adds additional protection and can be turned up to help catch drips.
  • Excellent quality Ti-20 which is a very efficient and reliable portable IR non-contact thermometer.
  • These Portable IR Non Contact Thermometers are widely used for detecting the temperature change in various domestic appliances and devices.
  • These thermometers are very reliable and efficient and do not needs to provide a proper contact with the object for the detection of its temperature.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Hand Sanitizer-1
  • Capacity: 5ltr
  • Automatic Sparyer-1
Usual Delivery Time 5-10 Working Days
Tax Additional 18% Extra
Note Quicker deliveries may be possible at extra cost. Please check with us while ordering. The timelines mentioned are tentative and may vary based on stock availability and seasonality. Please check with us before confirming order.

Enterprise Safety Kits Standard

  • Product Code: 16.08001.00
  • Rs16,399.00
  • Rs17,635.00
  • Additional Tax: 18%

Usual Delivery Time

*Quicker deliveries may be possible at extra charges

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