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Gifts hold a sentimental value in our hearts, regardless of whether we receive them from our friends or our colleagues. In regards to corporate gifting however, one needs to be a tad more thoughtful; the gift you give should be relevant to your employee or client’s professional profile. For example, business travel bags are perfect for white-collar personnel who shuttle between different locations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery time depends on various factors such as the quantity ordered, customizations, and locations of the deliveries. The usual delivery time of 3-5 working days is indicative. It may take longer depending on the location of delivery.

The Minimum Order Quantity for buying corporate travel bags online is Rs 20,000 only. We do accept orders below that amount in exceptional cases. However, we charge a 10-20% premium on the mentioned prices. You will need to connect with us to place an order.

Absolutely. We can ship to any location within India and internationally. Depending on where your clients and employees are located, the delivery time may be shorter or longer. We dispatch all our products from Bengaluru.

Absolutely. You can order customized travel bags with your company name and logo. The travel bags can also be customized with features such as embroidery, custom artwork, and engraving too.


What our clients say

Buy Promotional Travel Bags with Logo and Name Printed


Corporate employees often have to shuttle between different office locations for work purposes during the day. With that comes the responsibility of carrying confidential work-related documents and other key accessories. 

So, buying promotional travel bags with the company logo and the employee’s name on it is a win-win for everyone. How? Your employees and clients will appreciate it as they have practical use of it in their daily lives. As for businesses, it is a great way to promote yourself with the help of branded accessories such as business travel bags. 

Printed Travel Bags for Clients and Employees

OffiNeeds caters to its clients by providing a unique collection of corporate travel bags with captivating designs that visually impact the viewer. With OffiNeeds, businesses can customize promotional travel bags as per the tastes and preferences of their employees. 

Apart from the design and color scheme, various elements can be customized. Such as the name of the employee, name, and logo of the organization. Corporate travel bags are an especially useful gift for new employees; it makes them feel belonged and valued in their new job, which is then likely to be motivated to give their best. Not only will it boost their morale, but also be an indispensable tool to carry their files and belongings in.

In terms of promotions, a captivating printed travel bag will create brand awareness. People working in other businesses will be inquisitive about your organization. Perks like these are certainly beneficial in attracting employees to your company.

Guaranteed Home Delivery of Travel Bags in India

OffiNeeds dispatches and provides home delivery of travel bags in India from their base in Bengaluru, India. While we usually ship all over India, we are also capable of delivering it internationally. The indicative dispatch time is usually 3-5 working days. However, depending on the location the gifts have to be delivered to, the timings will vary. 

Deliveries in Bengaluru are free above Rs 20,000. For gifts below Rs 20,000, there are additional charges included to accommodate the delivery fee. The best part? You can directly pick up your orders from our office if you live close by. 

For other cities, delivery costs will be extra. 

Different Ways to Use Printed Corporate Bags

There are various benefits of Printed Corporate bags. Most importantly, it is a perfect gift for new employees! The bag convers the important message that your organization cares for them. 

During their initial days, new employees usually find themselves confused and out-of-sorts in their new work environment. Sending them gifts to give them a warm welcome will go a long way in putting them at ease. Just as well, printed corporate bags are an excellent choice. 

Not only will it add a fun and frolic vibe, but also allow them to secure all their important documents in one place. 

Perks in the form of travel bags also boost employee engagement and morale. This is because everyone loves receiving little gifts, whether they are presented during annual functions or celebratory events. Ultimately, it benefits your organization as your employees feel motivated to perform better.

Corporate travel bags are perfect for the promotion of a brand. This is because the name of the company and its logo will be easily visible to everyone who looks at your bag. 

Business travel bags at OffiNeeds are eye-catching and attractive, which increases the visibility of your brand. 

Best Branded Travelling Bags with Premium Quality

OffiNeeds creates various types of branded traveling bags, from laptop bags to anti-theft bags. Clients can be assured of the highest quality with reputed brands like RoadGods, Adidas, and Levis under its umbrella.. What’s more, with their brand logo on it, they are sure to receive high recognition and visibility.

Why OffiNeeds is the leading corporate bags manufacturer in India

OffiNeeds is a pioneer in the world of corporate gifting since 2005. We provide gifting solutions in the form of travel bags and many other products from various brands across your preferred price points. Your products can be customized with your brand’s logo and artwork to give it the recognition they deserve. OffiNeeds is committed to delivering high-quality and convenience. 

Gifting travel bags to your employees and clients is a great way to communicate your positive intentions and showcase where your business relationship with them stands. Our travel bags come in various shapes and sizes from some of the most popular brands in the market.

Whether you wish to gift travel bags online in India in the form of a duffel bag or a laptop bag, we have it all. 

Final Words

When it comes to effective corporate gifting solutions, nothing says it better than gifting business travel bags to clients, employees, and vendors. Travel bags are a perfect gift as not only do customized bags look sophisticated and awesome. They also create a positive impact on employee morale. For employees who hop around many office locations in a day, laptop bags happen to be essential and purposeful.

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